Healthcare Support for Every Family 

At HOPE HOME  Community Projects in Freetown, Sierra Leone, we want every child to grow happy, healthy and unique, with rights that are protected and honoured in the society. That is why we are here to construct a community that is built on respect, dignity, justice and equality.

We understand that some people neglect the importance of healthcare. We are here to help children obtain freedom from sicknesses and diseases. Being free from illnesses allows children to play and evolve with other individuals, attend school so that they can learn, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and build confidence.

Furthermore, a community workforce is most strengthened if people are fit, healthy and able to work, thus, leading to full production and high yield.

Our Aims

We focus on caring for mothers, children, the elderly and anyone who may be vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. Our projects are geared towards increasing the capacity of our local partners on the grounds to deliver quality health services. 

This is achieved by improving healthcare facilities and training local health professionals, as well as providing medicines, medical equipment and other support materials. Listed below are some of our detailed objectives:

  • To Provide Essential Healthcare and Medicine to Poor Communities
  • To Provide an Integrated Healthcare Programme
  • To Offer Psychological Support 
  • To Care for Children Who Are Victims of Any Type of Conflict and Crisis
  • To Provide Care for Mothers and Children in Areas Which May Lack Adequate Healthcare Provision
  • To Provide Healthcare for the Elderly and/or Disabled
  • To Help Patients Adapt to Their Social Surroundings and to Provide Medical Aid to Them
  • To Raise Health Awareness in Communities in Order to Prevent the Spread of Disease

High Cost of Living Results to Isolation and Exclusion

Access to medical help in third world countries is not easy. Hospitals are situated in large towns and cities. The cost of travelling to these destinations is too expensive for ordinary people to consider.

As a consequence, many older people fail to receive the necessary support that they need to cope with age-related illnesses like osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and depression. Most of the population of third world countries, particularly those who live in rural areas, do not have access to safe and reliable healthcare.

We bring medical assistance to these under-resourced populations through the use of our housing units for on-going camps. These camps can be set up in any area, bringing healthcare to the people’s doorsteps and ensuring that the greatest number of patients is served without interrupting their daily livelihood.

Commitment to Service

We are dedicated to serving the poor by helping them maintain their health, especially patients who are undergoing dialysis. Since dialysis can be an expensive medical procedure for third world families, we are raising funds so that we can buy a high-quality dialysis machine for our centre in Sierra Leone.

Moreover, we work with communities wherever we are needed, providing prescription and health awareness campaigns to help and educate people. Sometimes, it is purely just education, other times our efforts may be more centred on prevention of diseases, mass inoculation programs or general practitioners’ services. 

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